2016 Centenary Note: Rose “Elizabeth von Arnim”

Thanks to Jennifer Walker, Elizabeth von Arnim now has a beautiful rose to her name to celebrate her anniversary. Dicmetroman[3]

You can obtain the rose “Elizabeth von Arnim” from Dickson Roses in Northern Ireland.

Colin Dickson has a limited number of bare-root plants to send out to members of our Society or their friends. These are available immediately, on a first come first served basis, to those who live in the UK or Europe. Roses cannot, unfortunately, be supplied elsewhere.

For UK deliveries, the roses will be supplied free of charge for just one or two roses. For  deliveries to Europe and larger quantities, Colin Dickson will have to charge modest postage costs. To obtain your roses, please just send your delivery address and order numbers by email as soon as possible to Colin Dickson: mail@dickson-roses.co.uk or visit http://www.dickson-roses.co.uk/

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