Special Double Issue on Elizabeth von Arnim Out Now!

In July 2017, Women: A Cultural Review published a double issue with ten new articles on Elizabeth von Arnim, reaching far beyond the German Garden and opening new perspectives on von Arnim’s works. Edited by Isobel Maddison, Juliane Römhild & Jennifer Walker, this collection sets several new trends in von Arnim research: the first is a new focus on novels that have hitherto received little or no scholarly attention, such as such as In the Mountains, Father, The Pastor’s Wife and Introduction to Sally. The second is a welcome move to contextualise von Arnim’s works among her forebears and contemporaries, like George Eliot, Max Beerbohm, Daphne Du Maurier, Virginia Woolf and George Bernard Shaw. Last but not least, the horizon of von Arnim studies is broadening beyond the earlier middlebrow readings to include topics like Modernism, aesthetic form, imperial romance, new feminist readings and happiness.

If you do not have access to Women: A Cultural Review through an academic institution, you can buy an online copy of volume 28 at the journal website.

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