Only Happiness Here: Gabrielle Carey’s new book on Elizabeth

We are very excited that Gabrielle Carey’s new book, Only Happiness Here: In Search of Elizabeth von Arnim, has just been published by Queensland University Press and are looking forward to reading it. You can buy a copy here.

The book is being launched on Zoom on 15 October at 6.30pm AEST. You can register here. If you live overseas, a time zone converter might be helpful (search for Brisbane).

Gabrielle Carey has recently written a beautiful piece in the Sydney Morning Herald on the joys of reading von Arnim: “A Spring of Optimism: Writers and Artists Remember the Season”.

2 thoughts on “Only Happiness Here: Gabrielle Carey’s new book on Elizabeth

  1. Currently reading the book – Elizabeth is a new discovery for me. I love Gabrielle Carey’s & Elizabeth’s keys to happiness.

    1. Hello Jenny,
      Thanks for your comment! I am also just reading it. I’m also reading it right now. It’s great to see new work on von Arnim.
      Best wishes,

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